To explore men and space. Feel and perceive the existence.
Notice the relationship between one’s self and the world to which we belong.
Exercise the creative process, unique and expressive. Beauty. Well-being. The eternal practice between form and function. The pursuit, for the achievement of significant values, to transform and convert them plastically. Visual poetry.

Siqueira + Azul Architecture was founded in 1986 by architect and designer Lia Siqueira. Based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the firm develops residential and commercial architecture projects, interior and furniture design, in Brazil and abroad.


Lia Siqueira

Felipe Siqueira

Betina Siqueira

Alice Sodré

Ana Carolina Rocha

Ana Luiza Britto

Caio Coelho

Carolina Tenório

Camila Santoro

Cláudia Poubel

Cristiane Bardese

Daniela Dias

Francisca Silva

Gabriela Germano

Juliana Pires

Leticia Gerbauld

Luiz Arthur Manfredi

Malu Crespo

Marcos Bezerra

Maria Eduarda Vieira

Maria Isabel Ramos

Monica Silva

Nicole Ciscotto

Renata Lamas

Sylvia Pinheiro

Tais Sujuki

Thammy Nozaki

Wayne de Sousa